In February of 2019, Doula Damn Thing was founded. An organization committed to serving the BBIPOC, LGBTQ+, lower income, and other marginalized communities with all of their end of life care needs. 

Image of Doula Damn Thing Logo, A black Circle with a yellow outline and a yellow flower with ten round petals and an orange sun in the center. Underneath is written Doula Damn Thing LLC
Image of Lupe Tejada Diaz smelling a lavender sprig in front of a lavender bush

Lupe Tejada Diaz

Born in Mexico City, Lupe (She/Her) has a strong cultural connection to death and dying. Receiving her education from Going With Grace, studying under the renowned death doula, Alua Arthur. Lupe aspires to help not only with the dying process, but with grieving and the deep psychological aftermath of loss and death.

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