TheAshe Academy’s Inspire. Uplift. Engage. Podcast – S3 Ep21: Fear and doubt

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“We’re discussing fear and doubt with James Robinson and friends of the foundation Lupe Tejada Diaz, Natasha Lynn Tucker, and Nefertiti Warren. We take a deep dive into how fears and doubts are related, how we can face fears and talk back to our doubt.”

– The Ashe Academy,

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Dead Funny Dead Serious – Becoming an End of Life Doula

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“Meet Lupe Tejada Diaz! She shares her How & Why of becoming a death doula. Plus her challenges and hopes for the field. Particularly poignant moments in this episode: decolonizing the death industry, adding culture to the traditional funeral (or not), and finding your calling via a late night internet rabbit hole.”

– Dead Funny Dead Serious,

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Stories at the Ofrenda – A Beautiful Death

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“Today, we’ll have the honor to talk with Lupe Tejada Diaz, a death doula and advocate for BIPOC and other marginalized communities.  We’ll discuss what a death doula does, how to reintegrate cultures back into the modern world, and learn how to have the life and death that you want.”

– Stories at the Ofrenda,

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